Rebekah McNeil Krahe Spoke Openly About Infertility Struggles

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My show is slightly different today because I’m airing a recent segment from the Time for bRUNch with Shelby & Christine podcast.

The guest on their show is someone that I know pretty well.

They welcomed my wife, Rebekah McNeil Krahe on the show to discuss her running and our fertility journey for a special Mother’s Day Episode.

Rebekah McNeil Krahe and Her Family

Becoming a Runner

Rebekah McNeil Krahe has fond memories of her dad frequently running throughout her childhood.

By the time she reached middle school, Rebekah would often join her dad on runs.

It was in college that Rebekah would meet Denny Krahe, who would eventually become her husband.

When they first met, it was Rebekah that was the runner and not Denny.

There was a 3-mile loop around a nearby lake that she would typically run.

In the early stages of her running journey, Rebekah would only run if she felt like it or was training for a race.

After a few years, many of which included struggles with infertility, running is now a part of who she is.

Rebekah continued to run with her dad until recently and she cherishes the miles she shared with him.

Family Planning

Rebekah and Denny recently celebrated 17 years of marriage.

They were married for 5 to 6 years before they began talking about when to start a family.

Rebekah has always known she wanted to be a mom.

Similar to most people, she assumed getting pregnant would be relatively simple.

When all forms of birth control were removed and she still hadn’t conceived in 6 months worry began to creep in.

Rebekah found herself becoming hyperaware of her body as time went on.

After one year had passed without a positive pregnancy test, Rebekah made an appointment with a doctor.

It was only after the one-year mark, did she begin to address her emotions for the first time.

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Learning To Trust Herself

Rebekah was still running, but she found that she ran in response to her emotions.

After 4 months with the first doctor, she decided to make a switch to a new one.

She had ignored her gut feelings and finally decided to trust herself by going with a new provider.

Women should be empowered to trust themselves and their bodies rather than always deferring to specialists.

Rebekah is adamant that it’s okay for women to stop and demand that people listen.

Her new doctor did just that and truly listened to her concerns.

She also began seeing an acupuncturist which Rebekah believes played a large role in her success as well.

For the first time, she felt more supported in her journey.

An Emotional Toll

In all, it wound up being 4 years before Rebekah was able to get pregnant.

With each month also came an emotional toll.

Rebekah began to view herself as broken since there was no discernable issue to fix.

As the journey continued, Rebekah found herself running more consistently which played a part in her healing process.

Before becoming pregnant, Rebekah and Denny began to talk about alternate options for starting a family.

She was beginning to get to an okay place.

Rebekah even began training for her first half marathon to have a goal and something else to focus on.

The Process Changed Her

Rebekah found that going through infertility ultimately changed who she was.

While family and friends were largely supportive, Rebekah has some advice for others.

Well-meaning people would often tell her that she needed to relax in order to become pregnant.

According to Rebekah, that is one of the worst things you can tell someone going through this struggle.

It is no one’s business, but the person about whether or not to have children.

Rebekah began to ease up on tracking everything to do with her body and focused on school and her career.

Shortly after completing her first half-marathon, Rebekah found out she was pregnant.

Rebekah McNeil Krahe and Denny Krahe

An Isolating Topic

Even in her excitement, Rebekah was aware that not everyone’s journey ends in pregnancy.

About 1 in 5 women struggle with infertility and yet it isn’t talked about nearly enough.

Rebekah experienced going through infertility struggles to be an isolating experience.

She encourages anyone going through it to find someone to talk to and get support.

When supporting someone going through infertility, Rebekah suggests being present and giving the person grace.

Certain situations may be difficult for the person to show up to and being understanding can be exactly the support that is needed.

Rebekah McNeil Krahe and Her Daughter

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Rebekah McNeil Krahe speaks openly about a topic that affects many yet isn't shared widely. Infertility doesn't discriminate and affects 1 in 5 women. Share on X

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