Run Bloggers Unite!

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. —Henry Ford

So I have an idea.

Feel free to laugh at me, ridicule me, mock me, dismiss me, ignore me…

…or, join me.

My Idea

So here is what I’m thinking.

Why don’t we collaborate? In the blogosphere of today, it can be difficult for those of us that are fairly new to blogging to generate a lot of traffic to our sites and grow our audience. We all have our circle of friends and readers but, at least for me, it can be difficult to get posts and thoughts in front of a broader audience on a regular basis.

What if we worked together?

I’d love to find a few, or a few dozen, or even more than that, (or even just one person) to do some guest posting collaborating.

The details can be worked out on a case by case basis, but here are a few thoughts I have about how it might work:

  • We pick a topic and write a post for the other person’s blog about that topic.
  • A one time thing, or a regular guest posting relationship.
  • Do a running Q and A session.
  • Anything else you’d like to try.

The idea is still forming in my mind, but I think it would be a cool chance to work with each other to help each other out. You know, like the fish in the net in “Finding Nemo”, though not quite as dramatic.

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Instead of all of us swimming in our own directions, let’s swim together and make a big splash. (Sorry. That’s really bad.)

Interested in Talking More About a Guest Posting Partnership? I’d Love to Hear From You. Leave Me a Comment, Shoot Me an Email (dizruns @ gmail . com) or Send Me a Tweet (@ dizruns). I Hope to Hear From Some of You Soon!

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