Running in the Rain

There are few constants in this world.

Death. Taxes.

And the daily summer afternoon downpour here in Florida.

Tips for Running in the Rain

Tips for Running in the Rain

But no matter where you call home, I’d absolutely recommend you try to go running in the rain at least once this summer.

I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about running in a downpour and splashing through every puddle possible.

So  this summer, when the temps are up and the rain is coming down, I challenge you to lace em up and head out.

But before you do, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

8 Tips for Running in the Rain

  1. Watch for Cars–I know this might sound standard, but even the most runner-conscious drivers aren’t likely to be actively looking for runners when it’s raining cats and dogs, so please be extra careful at every intersection, driveway, and any other place that cars cross your path.
  2. Don’t Run With Lightning–Honestly, I don’t respect lightning as much as I should. That said, there have been a couple times when lighting hit close by (I wasn’t running, just outside) that will make you get your ass inside in right now. If there’s lightning mixed in with the rain, please stay inside.
  3. Shirts are Optional–You might feel like a bit of a putz running in the rain without a shirt, but even the best wicking shirts out there get weighted down  and will rub you raw if you’re running in a steady rain. If the temps allow it, and you’re not too self conscious, ditch the shirt for this one.
  4. Hats/Visors are Mandatory–A hat/visor will keep more than just the sun out of your eyes. It’ll shield plenty of the rain too, and a steady stream of water running into your eyes just sucks. Believe me.
  5. Don’t Look at Your Watch–If you’re going to wear your Garmin to keep track of your mileage, that’s fine. But a fun run in the rain loses a lot of its luster if you’re monitoring your pace too closely. So when it’s raining, either don’t look at your watch or try running naked.
  6. Learn From the Experience–If you sign up for a race and it happens to be raining on race day, odds are the race will still go on as scheduled. Sure you don’t have to run, if you don’t mind throwing your race fee and any travel expenses away, but if you do it’s nice to know how to run in the wet conditions.
  7. Dry Your Shoes–After the run, the best way to dry your shoes is as such: take out the insole and lay the shoes on their side in front of your refrigerator with the opening where your foot goes into the show facing the vent. The fan from the fridge will be blowing all night, and 9 times out of 10 your shoes will be bone dry by morning.
  8. Have Fun–Running is supposed to be fun, right? So make it fun! Jump in the puddles! Splish and splash as much as you can, and just enjoy every moment you spend running in the rain this summer like you would if you were 5 years old.

This summer, when you have a chance, take a break from the heat and the physiological benefits of training in said heat, and get out there and run in the rain.

Try it, and I can pretty much promise you’ll be begging for another rain storm soon!

Do You Like Running in the Rain? Why/Why Not?

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