Quick Tip–The Benefits of Running Naked

There are very few runners that I know that would be willing to go running naked.

running naked

No, not that kind of running naked. (Though I don’t know a lot of runners willing to do that either.)

I’m talking about running without any type of technology that is telling you how fast you are going.

No GPS watch.

No running app on your phone.

Nothing. Just naked.

The Benefits of Running Naked

Look, I love my garmin as much as the next semi-serious runner out there, but I’ve come to enjoy running naked from time to time.

Not having my watch allows me to really be present during that particular run. I don’t have to feel bad if I’m trending a bit slow because I won’t know that I’m 10 seconds/mile off my pace.

Being more mindful is definitely a benefit of running naked, but it’s hardly the only one.

Stop me when this sounds familiar. You get to a race, and you turn on your garmin only to see the dreaded “low battery” alert before the race even starts! Or even worse, it doesn’t turn at all. It’s already dead!

Now, before you start arguing that would never happen because you always make sure to charge your watch the night before a race, let me tell you that I’ve put my watch on the charger before only to have it be 100% dead in the morning. I have no idea what happened, and after charging it again it’s been fine for years.

But that one morning, when I thought I’d done everything right, I was forced to run naked whether I wanted to or not. (I suppose I could have skipped my run, but that is just crazy talk.)

Try It, You Might Like It!

If you’ve never gone running naked, I’d encourage you to give it a shot!

You never know, you might even enjoy the experience of feeling your pace, focusing on your breath, and not feeling like you constantly have to look at your watch/phone.

And even if you end up going back to the GPS most of the time, a little time running free from time to time is always a welcome change of pace. I promise.

Running Naked

Press play below, to hear me expound a little more on why a naked run from time to time can be a very good thing.

Have You Ever Gone Running Naked? How’d You Like It?

And If Not, Would You Consider Trying It At Some Point?

3 replies
  1. Andy Coud
    Andy Coud says:

    I like my post run data, but I also like some nakedness every now and then. I’ve turned my watch on and have stuck electrical tape over the face. That way I get my data, and it too hard to peek during the run.

    • Denny
      Denny says:

      I’ve really never gotten that into the data, but I definitely care to know how many miles I’ve gone. So as long as I know the distance of the route, I can handle going naked. But I also know I can get a little lazy, especially if I’m running by myself, so having the Garmin there to help me monitor my pace is important as well.

      So it’s a fine line to walk for me!

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    Changing the training makes your brain wake up, it’s forced to adapt to a new context, which reduces chances of injury. Naked running is also good for the mind and soul. It enhances self awareness and prompts introspection, something we should all do in a world that pushes us in such a fast pace.


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