Sara Welle Finds Ways to Keep Running Fun! (Best Of)

Today we are traveling back in time to my chat with Sara Welle.

I loved talking with Sara back in October of 2015, and her love for every aspect of our sport is readily apparent.

If you’re looking for a light hearted and fun conversation between two runners, you are definitely in the right place. Enjoy!

A Passionate Beer Miler?

When I ask my guests about their favorite distance to race and why, easily the most common answer is the half-marathon.

Not for Sara.

Sara’s answer was the beer mile, which is awesome! 

Sara Welle Mid-Beer Mile

Sara Welle Mid-Beer Mile

If you’re unfamiliar, the beer mile starts with drinking a beer and then running a quarter mile. Then repeat. Then repeat. Then repeat.

So it ends up with 4 beers in a mile, and since it’s a race speed is of the essence. And in this case, the speed comes on the road/track as well as in the speed with which one can polish off a beer.

Despite being a self-proclaimed lightweight and not being one that can chug a beer, Sara loved running the beer mile and would definitely do it again.

Tip for Climbing Hills

Sara has recently taken her love of running to the next level and became an RRCA certified running coach in order to better help some of her running friends prepare for races.

During her classes, she got a great tip for running hills: once you crest the hill take at least three additional good strides.

The tendency for runners is to dig to get to the top and then relax once you get there. Instead of relaxing, give it three good strides and then relax if you like.

You might just find that doing so will allow you to keep moving now that you made it over the hill (literally).

A Great Pre-Race Tradition

Sara is a proud foodie, but when it comes to her pre-race meal she keeps things simple:

Chipotle burrito bowl and a whiskey seven. 



On the surface, that may not sound like the best pre-race meal but after thinking about it, it makes some sense. If you’re traveling for a race, as many of us do at least occasionally, having a go-to meal that you can pretty much get anywhere in the country (world?) makes sense.

Finding a meal that works for you that you can get just about anywhere that you race is actually a pretty good strategy.

And whiskey simply goes with everything, so there’s that.

At the End of the Day, It’s All About Having Fun!

Seriously, if you don’t enjoy running why are you doing it?

It’s clear to me that Sara love running, and if you need photo graphic evidence here you go:

Sara Welle

Sara Welle

If that’s not the face of someone who is loving what they are doing, I don’t know what is!

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If you haven’t connected with Sara yet, you need to do that ASAP! Check out her blog and make sure you say hi on Twitter/Instagram!

As Always, I’d Love to Know What Stood Out to You From this Episode! Let Me Know Your Takeaway in the Comments Below!

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2 replies
  1. Russ
    Russ says:

    I can see why this is a best-of — literally LOL’d when I heard her favorite run was the beer-mile (something I doubt I will ever attempt).

    I also liked Sara’s coach who promoted positive and upright. Very similar to what I use when my daughter and I are training for races (we’ve done a 10K and two half-marathons) – our goals are:
    1) Have Fun
    2) Finish
    3) Go for a time goal

    … because if we don’t hit our time-goal it was 3rd anyway, and if we do hit our time goal then we also accomplished 1 and 2.


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