Diz Runs With… Sarah Doughtry

On today’s run, I’m joining Sarah Doughtry, who is the founder of runraisers.com.

Runraisers is a great organization that partners with non-profits to help them raise money so that they can continue to do their work and help those that need it the most. So many runners are willing to run for a cause to raise money and awareness for different organizations, and Runraisers makes the process very easy for all parties involved.

Here are some of the highlights of our run:

  • Sarah DoughtrySarah started running when she weighed nearly 300 lbs, and used with a “method” that I’ve never heard of before!
  • What a virtual run is, and why it is perfect for the Runraiser model.
  • How easy it is for charities to take part in a Runraiser event.
  • The process of building a business, and some of the hurdles that have to be overcome along the way.
  • How the growth of Runraisers, helps keep the costs down, which ultimately benefits the non-profits even more!

I love what Sarah is doing with Runraisers, and I know that the running community as a whole will come together and support what she is doing in order to support some great non-profits.

Please, take a minute and head over to www.runraisers.com and join her email list, so you can stay up to date on new events as they are announced.

And don’t forget to enter the contest code Diz Runs in order to be entered to win a Runraisers t-shirt!

Click this link to go straight to the sign-up form! http://www.runraisers.com/subscribe/

Website: www.runraisers.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/runraisers

Facebook: www.facebook.com/runraisers


If you’re only down with joining one group today, join Sarah’s list at the link above. If you’re up for a walk on the wild side…

 Join My Tribe!

There’s always room for more members of the tribe!

Both the Facebook group and the email group provide opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else.

The Facebook group is still small, but it is a great way to connect with fellow runners and foster community amongst like minded individuals. The email group is THE way to stay up to date about future guests on the show, as well as getting some other freebies and offers that aren’t available to anyone else.

If you’ve got questions about either/both, just let me know!

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