Scott Riecke Is Continuing To Create Change In Not So Ordinary Ways

If you’ve been listening to the show for a while, you’ll recognize today’s guest because he’s making his third appearance on the show today.

Since our last chat, I had the chance to meet him briefly in person and run in his annual virtual race in support of the American Cancer Society.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles and catching up with Scott Riecke today!

Scott Riecke and Denny

Embracing the Lifestyle

Scott Riecke has reached the point in his life where training is more about embracing the lifestyle rather than the medal he receives at a finish line.

This past year has resulted in a lot of uncertainty surrounding when races will resume.

Scott along with the clients he coaches has found that remaining focused is not always easy to do.

Eventually, the day will come when races do resume and you don’t want to be unprepared.

In his experience, Scott has found that people don’t commit to a sport long-term unless they embrace the lifestyle of training.

Sticking with a sport requires loving what it does for you.

Training Works

Scott has always been a very goal-oriented runner.

In the past, he had a habit of setting a goal, checking the box, and moving on to the next goal.

He eventually made the conscious choice to embrace working out as a lifestyle rather than as a means to an end.

Scott has always had an affinity for coaching and enjoyed working one on one with athletes.

He has had various coaching positions ranging from kids sports teams, high school football, and currently as a coach for his own business.

It was 2014 when Scott first began running and his passion for coaching was a natural progression.

Scott Riecke, You ARE an Ironman!

An Art To Coaching

The most successful coaches don’t have a cookie-cutter approach, because each athlete is unique.

Scott ensures that everything in his plans is adaptable from athlete to athlete.

Getting the work done is a choice and it’s not always an easy one.

Races aren’t always the greatest indicator of success.

Scott is a big believer that success can be found in the training and does testing regularly with his clientele.

He has slowly grown the number of individuals he coaches, yet he still makes sure he is available at all times if/when he’s needed.

The most satisfying part of his job is when he sees an athlete he’s coaching succeed.

There is an art to coaching and Scott is always working to hone his skills.

Ordinary Marathoner Foundation

Scott is the creator/host of the Ordinary Marathoner Podcast which he has been doing since 2016.

He was so inspired by the members of the Ordinary Marathoner community that he wanted to harness the running spirit to make an impact.

That idea led to the creation of the Ordinary Marathoner Foundation.

The Foundation has been in the works for the past year as it continues to evolve.

Scott, along with his board, has multiple ideas in various phases.

Their ultimate goal is to improve lives and make impactful positive changes.

One aspect that Scott was not prepared for was the pressure to produce results.

Regardless of how much the pressure dials up to produce results, failure is not an option.

Scott Riecke’s Foundation

The Ordinary Marathon

Prior to the launch of the foundation, first, there was the Ordinary Marathon.

The race is now in its fourth year.

It’s a 10-day virtual event in celebration of the global running community to raise money for a charitable cause.

Runners of all skill levels are encouraged to join.

Scott keeps the challenge interesting by offering daily giveaways and themes to encourage engagement along with various other perks.

The event takes place from May 7-16 with registration currently open.

Searching To Fill The Void

Scott has always been competitive from his early years to playing college football.

He was unprepared for what life would be like after sports.

Scott spent the next 20 years searching for something to fill the void.

Running offered him the opportunity to once again embrace his competitive spirit.

He found that training made him a better person.

Being physically active often connects with the mental and spiritual side of people as well.

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Scott Reicke made a name for himself as the Ordinary Marathoner. It's becoming apparent that he's the opposite of ordinary with all that he is doing to make the world a better place. Share on X

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