Sharon Babineau Used Running As An Outlet For Her Grief

My guest today is a woman that I’ve gotten to know a bit over social media the past few years.

She is fresh off of finishing the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000k, so no doubt that will be a part of the conversation.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Sharon Babineau today and diving into a host of other topics.

Sharon Babineau

A Not-So Family Affair

Sharon Babineau first began running about 7 years ago.

She was inspired to sign up for a 5k with her sons and run it as a family.

Being new to running, Sharon trained by following a program similar to Couch to 5k.

At the last minute, her sons decided not to run the race and that left Sharon with the decision to run the race solo or forgo the event.

Sharon had put in the training and was determined to finish what she started.

She enjoyed the entire experience and unbeknownst to her that would eventually lead to running being a consistent part of her life.

Immediately following the race in September, Sharon took a step back from training and didn’t resume again until January.

Smooth Progression

When Sharon began running again following her break, she promptly signed up for a few 5ks.

It didn’t take long for her to progress from a 5k to a 10k.

A few months later she increased her distance once again and signed up for her first half marathon.

Sharon stuck with the 13.1 distance for awhile before she felt ready to attempt a marathon.

Training for half and full marathons required some trial and error for Sharon.

She used the Galloway method which required her to figure out what intervals worked for her.

Fueling has been another area where it took Sharon some trials before she figured out what worked for her.

A Life Gone Too Soon

Sharon lost her husband to colorectal cancer a few years ago.

Caring for a loved one when they are terminal is quite possibly one of the hardest things a person will experience.

During those inevitable dark moments, Sharon did the one thing she knew how to do- run.

Running seemed to be the one thing that could help relieve the tense anxiety she was feeling.

Since losing her husband, Sharon has been dedicated to creating awareness and raising funds to help support cancer research.

In 2019, Sharon ran as a charity runner in the Rock n Roll Savannah Marathon.

Sharon was going outside of her comfort zone each and every time she asked for donations.

With the help of social media along with the support of family and friends, she reached her goal.

Sharon Babineau

Switching To Plants

Losing her husband forced Sharon to reevaluate her health and what she could do to improve it.

Overall Sharon thought she ate healthily, but after doing some research she was surprised at what she learned.

America as a whole is one of the sickest societies on this planet.

Foods that we think may be good for us, in reality, are not as good as we think.

Sharon learned that studies have shown that one of the common factors of longevity and health was linked to plant-based eating.

Sharon is determined to create better habits for not only herself but for her family as well.

A Strong Why

In changing up her diet, Sharon has been surprised that there is not much temptation to go back to her former habits.

Sharon’s “why” stems from watching her husband lose his battle with cancer.

She is determined to control what she can to increase her odds of living a long and healthy life.

All of the changes she has experienced have been gradual, but they have been life-changing.

Some positive changes Sharon has noticed are increased energy, improved recovery post-exercise, and overall improved fitness/endurance.

In order to stay consistent and avoid temptations, Sharon has found healthier substitutions for some of her favorite foods.


The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000k was certainly never something Sharon never anticipated doing but that didn’t stop her from signing up.

This particular challenge entailed covering 1000k over the span of 4 months.

The distance broke down to about 150 miles per month which Sharon deemed doable for her.

The GVRAT kept her motivated to keep moving in an otherwise uncertain and unpredictable time.

Sharon wanted her completion of the race to be memorable, so she rented a house near the actual finish line.

There was no fanfare and only herself running those last few miles, yet it was a moment she will always cherish.

Running has given so much to Sharon in a variety of ways.

She will forever be grateful to have found a sport that will always be there for her to fall back on.

Sharon Babineau

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Sharon Babineau began running around the time tragedy struck her family. What began as a way to deal with the unimaginable grief ended up giving her so much more in return than she ever expected. Share on X

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