Shaun Penrod Is Arming Runners With The Tools To Run Faster Marathons

My guest on the show today is someone that I first connected with about collaborating on a project he was working on.

Since that moment his vision has taken shape so there will be a lot to cover on how all runners can benefit from his upcoming retreat.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Shaun Penrod today.

Shaun Penrod

“On A Whim”

Shaun Penrod was not a runner growing up and had no aspirations to take up the sport as an adult.

That all changed in January of 2012 while visiting with friends.

His friend mentioned that she wanted to run a half marathon and “on a whim” he agreed to join her.

Shaun had never run long distances in his life and is still unsure to this day as to why he agreed so quickly.

The race was over Memorial weekend which gave him about 5 months to train.

Little by little Shaun picked up more knowledge about how to train along the way.

On race day, he accomplished both goals he set for himself which were to run the entire time and to finish in under 2 hours.


Shaun loves setting challenges and working towards achieving them.

He is keen on learning the ins and outs of whatever he does because his ultimate goal is mastery.

After that first race, Shaun went on to complete the same half on a yearly basis in an effort to keep improving.

Shaun recognized a pattern that if he had an upcoming race he was more likely to stay on task and continue running.

It didn’t happen immediately, but Shaun eventually began identifying as a runner.

His commitment to being a runner carried over into other areas of his life as well.

New Challenges

Running a marathon seemed to be the logical next challenge for Shaun after completing multiple half marathons.

He went into training with the assumption that he would be, “one and done,” after he crossed the finish line.

Shaun’s need for mastery made him sign up for his second full because he knew he could improve upon his performance.

With a family, training, and being an entrepreneur, Shaun is focused on balancing it all.

His time serving in the Navy taught him a lot about how to make all the facets of his life work together.

With his entrepreneurial spirit and runner’s mindset, Shaun came up with an idea that could benefit runners of all abilities.

An Idea Takes Shape

In order for a runner to improve upon a marathon a lot of factors must be taken into consideration.

Shaun did a survey among long-distance runners to find out what challenges they face.

He found that there were some common topics that kept coming up.

Those common areas of concern were: injury/injury prevention, fueling/nutrition, mental strength, and pacing.

With this information, Shaun worked on putting together a 3-day runner’s retreat.

By the end of the 3 days, participants will leave with valuable knowledge that they can put into action to improve performance.

The Front Runner Retreat

The retreat will be taking place in San Diego from March 12th to the 14th.

Each day will focus on a different topic with an expert in that area.

The retreat will be limited to 30 people in order to focus on each individual and answer all their specific questions.

The experts speaking at the retreat will be:

  • Michelle Colt- Is a mindset expert that has proven processes to move individuals past perceived limitations and find their best selves.
  • Kim Mueller, MS, RD, CSSD – Is a Registered Dietician and board-certified specialist in sports dietetics. She is also the owner of Fuel Factor Custom Nutrition & Training Plans.
  • Denny Krahe – A running coach that utilizes his background in athletic training to help runners stay healthy and avoid injury. He is also the host of Diz Runs Radio, a running podcast launched in 2014.
  • Matt Fitzgerald – Is an endurance sports author, coach, and nutritionist. He is well known for the various books and articles that he has written.

The process to take part in the retreat will include an application as a way to ensure that the retreat will be a good fit for the participants.

The first 3 people to sign up will get a free one on one time with Kim Mueller and Denny Krahe.

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