Sheri Wiedenhoeft Lives Her Life By Being Both Fearless And Smart

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Today’s guest is a lady that is always on the search for her next adventure, running or otherwise.

She’s run races of all distances, hiked mountains, dabbled in triathlons, and currently has 16 more states to run in before she reaches her goal of a race in all 50 states.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Sheri Wiedenhoeft today.

Sheri Wiedenhoeft

A Sport Of Convenience

Sheri Wiedenhoeft grew up watching her dad run on his lunch breaks.

She didn’t begin running herself until middle school when she ran on both the cross county and track teams.

Sheri continued running for a few years in high school before she took a break for a few years.

Her family was in the airforce, which meant that they rarely stayed in one place for too long.

Running was the one sport that Sheri could do regardless of where she was living.

Over the years, she began running just because she enjoyed it, not because she was a part of a team.

As an adult, she moved to northern California where running and trails were everywhere.

Sheri couldn’t help but get inspired by her surroundings.


Prior to Sheri running her first marathon, she viewed marathons as something only elite-level athletes could do.

As Sheri got more into the sport, she realized how dangerous comparison could be.

Comparing yourself to other runners, not only takes away some of the joy from the sport but can also lead to injuries and/or burnout.

Sheri ensures she is always training and racing according to her own goals and not someone else.

She is learning to give herself the credit she deserves when it comes to her accomplishments.

Racing is a mental and physical game that Sheri loves challenging herself with.

Training doesn’t always match racing results, but at times it all comes together.

Sheri lives by the motto, “Let me be fearless, but smart,” when it comes to racing.

Sheri Wiedenhoeft

Boston Strong

Sheri has run the Boston marathon in 2009 and also in 2013.

Her second time running, was the year that the Boston Marathon bombing occurred.

Boston will always be her favorite race, but 2013 shed new light on how special Boston truly is.

Sheri had already crossed the finish line when the first bomb went off.

At the time, she had no idea what had happened, but her adrenaline kicked in.

Sheri made it safely back to her hotel along with her other friends that ran the race and spectated.

She prequalified to run Boston again at the 2013 race, but she didn’t feel the need to go back the following year.

Now, 10 years later, she is training to earn a BQ again to run in the city that holds her heart.

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Nomad Life

Sheri’s goal to run a race in every state came about when her husband suggested traveling the country in an RV.

He retired in 2017 and had dreamed of living the nomad life in an RV while exploring the US.

Sheri agreed to try it for one year and was hooked on the lifestyle after only a few weeks.

Their kids are scattered all over the country which makes it more convenient to not be in one place.

Sheri and her husband usually have loose plans as to where they are going next.

They have an agreed-upon rule that they will divert travel within reason if she finds a race.

Prior to starting this goal, she had already run races in 5 states but is now up to 36 already.

A Small World

Anyone who routinely runs races knows that the running community is a small world.

Sheri usually runs in unfamiliar areas, but the race routines and camaraderie feel familiar to her.

A key component to racing in every state is to remain flexible with her plans.

Cross-training and strength training are two areas in which she has had to be more flexible with her nomad lifestyle.

She doesn’t have access to a gym so therefore needs to rely on outdoor activities or bodyweight strength routines.

Sheri has loved traveling the country and seeing places on foot that she may not otherwise have the opportunity to see.

She loves crosstraining to help combat boredom but running will always be her go-to.

Running can be done anywhere and it often offers her a new perspective after she is done.

Sheri Wiedenhoeft

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