Steve Page Is An Ultra Runner That Breaks The Mold

My guest today is an ultra runner that isn’t afraid of what mother nature may throw at him.

Steve Page on the Trail

He’s a fellow part of the Orange Mud Dirt Unit and a member of the Big Sexy Racing team.

I will go a few easy miles with Steve Page as we talk all things ultra running and more.


Steve Page Training for the Iditarod While Marking a Trail?

Steve is your typical ultra runner in that it takes a good 10k distance to get warmed up, but that’s where the similarities end.

He has also competed in numerous triathlons and hopes to eventually complete the Iditarod, a 1,000-mile race.

Steve’s version of the Iditarod requires him to pull a sled with his gear rather than relying on dogs.

The race itself takes about 29 days for most participants pulling their own sleds.

It is a self-supported race that only allows entrants that have completed the qualifying process.

Qualifying for this historical race requires many steps including the completion of two 100 mile races and the 350 mile Iditarod.

Steve is drawn to adventure and exploration which may explain his draw to trying multiple sports.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Steve Page, Rocking the Elf Costume

Before running entered Steve’s life, he was involved in various activities including, soccer, triathlons, hiking, and ice climbing.

His rapid progression into running began when his family convinced him to join a relay that spanned 100 miles.

After the relay, Steve was hooked and began increasing distance quickly.

He experienced a steep learning curve and found himself overwhelmed at all the information available to runners.

Steve made the decision to hire a coach 3-4 months ago and it became the best decision he has made.

Having a coach forced Steve to rest and recover properly which resulted in a dramatic difference in his performance.

The cross-training from his various activities ultimately made him stronger and more resistant to injury.

Over the years Steve has amassed endless knowledge through trial and error when it came to gear.

Find What Works For You

Steve prefers winter running and quickly found that the right gear will make or break the race.

Some cold weather tips that he has learned are:

  • Layers are important, but less is more.
  • You should be cold before starting to run, otherwise, you will sweat too much and get hypothermic.
  • Use traction aids such as Yak Tracks.
  • Avoid shoes with spikes because if the terrain changes there will be no way to remove them.
  • Use insulation an insulation sleeve on a hydration hose to prevent water from freezing.
  • Blowing into the hose after each sip will also help with preventing frozen water.
  • A small amount of vodka will lower the freezing point of the water.
  • Holding a water bottle upside down with the water sitting on the valve helps to prevent freezing.

Don’t be afraid to run outside in the winter.

Familiar areas will appear in a different light when it’s cold and snowy.

Along with experimenting with gear, Steve has also experimented with his diet to find what works best.

Steve Page

Fat Adapted Athlete

Steve’s nutrition journey has been an evolution to find what works for him.

He has transitioned to being vegetarian and adapting his body to burn fat efficiently.

The biggest adjustment to his eating has been being flexible with race day nutrition.

Race day can induce panic for some athletes that have specific diets.

A fat adapted athlete can eat some carbohydrates during races and not “ruin” everything.

Find what works for you through trial and error and be patient.

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Steve Page is an ultra runner that is a fellow part of the Orange Mud Dirt Unit. He is also a member of the Big Sexy Racing Team. As a Canadian he does not shy away from the snow and cold. The Iditarod is the ultimate test of cold weather… Click To Tweet

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