QT: Maintaining Perfect Balance Between Running and Life is Impossible

The subject of balance is something that gets talked about a fair bit.

As runners, we talk about finding the balance between our running/training and all of the other things that we have going on in our lives.

But is the concept of balance something we should even be striving for?

Is it even attainable?

Balance is a Good Thing, in Theory

The idea of trying to find balance makes a lot of sense.

We all have multiple things that demand our attention, and it is impossible to devote our entire focus to any one thing for more than a short amount of time.

Work. Family. Running.

These are just a few of the many things in our lives that pull at our attention.

So, in theory, we are trying to figure out how to balance each of the many activities so that we can participate in each.

Balance is Unnatural

The world is made up of ebbs and flows. Of peaks and valleys. The changing of the seasons.

And our lives are no different.

Our lives in a constant state of flux.

Things are changing in our lives every day, and as such, trying to maintain balance is a fool’s errand.

Work With, Not Against, Nature

Instead of trying to fight against the cyclical nature of life by achieving balance, work with those ups and downs to make life work.

When one area of life demands a bit more of your focus/attention, then you need to decide which area you’re going to shift some focus from.

This doesn’t mean you’re giving up on that area completely, or that the decrease of focus is permanent. This is only for a season. For a cycle.

Then, when it’s appropriate, your focus will shift back. And maybe, it’ll even shift a bit farther in that direction and your priorities will shift for the next season.

How does this apply to us as runners?

When planning out your race schedule, do more than just look at what races you want to run.

Look beyond the price increases, travel costs, and the size of the bling.

What is your life going to look like in the lead up to the race? Do you have a big project at work coming up? Is there an important family event looming?

If your life outside of running is going to demand a bit more of your focus and attention than usual, then it’s probably not the time to schedule your goal race for the year!

But if there’s nothing major on the calendar and you’re confident you can make your training a big focus, then sign up for that big race and get cracking with your training!

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