Summer is a Great Time for More Than Just Running

Summertime is the favorite time of year for many people for a variety of reasons.

Obviously, Ice Cream is THE Best Part of the Summer

Obviously, Ice Cream is THE Best Part of the Summer

As runners, summer can be quite the dichotomy–it’s nice to not have to deal with the hassle of winter time running (cold, ice, multiple layers, etc.) but there are days where it’s just too dang hot for running!

I’ve talked an awful lot in the past couple of months about summer running: from the warning signs and symptoms of heat illness, ways to prevent heat illness, the benefits of running in the heat, and a public service announcement about the detrimental effects of treadmill running.

And as much as I like running in the summer, there are some other great aspects about summer that I love just as much.

Some of My Favorite (Non-Running) Summertime Activities

If you’re looking for something to do this summer besides running, here are a handful of activities that I really enjoy doing in the summer months:

  • Gardening–I love putzing around in my garden. Whether it’s pulling weeds, pruning plants/bushes, picking bugs/worms off of the leaves, or doing any of the other choirs associated with keeping a garden, I just love it. There’s something quite rewarding about growing your own food, and there’s nothing like picking something from the garden and literally eating it minutes later. It doesn’t get any fresher, or more delicious, than that.
  • Going Swimming–Want to feel like a kid again? Go splash around in a pool/lake/river/ocean whenever the opportunity presents itself. I don’t know what it is about water, but there’s no better way to beat the heat than a pool party.
  • Firing Up the Grill–Nothing says summertime like the smell of meat cooking over a fire. Whether you’re cooking steaks and chicken or burgers and brats, food cooked over an open flame just tastes better. And if that open flame happens to be fueled by charcoal as opposed to gas, even better.
  • Reading–I love a good book as much as anyone, but in the regular hustle and bustle of life I don’t make reading as much of a priority as I should. But in the summer, when it just seems too hot for doing anything else, a few hours with a glass of lemonade/iced tea/cold beer, a seat in the shade, and a good book is pretty darn close to amazing.

What are Some of Your Favorite (Non-Running) Summertime Activities?

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