Susie Lemmer is Chomping at the Bit to Get Back to Running

On today’s episode of the show, I’m joining blogger and running coach Susie Lemmer for a few easy miles.

Susie Lemmer

Susie Lemmer

If you haven’t checked out her website yet, you really should head over to and look around a little bit. Her writing is really great, and after talking with her it’s clear that the voice she uses on her website is 100% her own.

And not every blogger can say that is always the case. Believe me…

We really did have a great conversation today. She shared some great running tips, we laughed a lot, and her stories are top notch.

You’re definitely going to enjoy this one!

Here are some of the highlights from my chat with Susie Lemmer:

  • Loves training for a full marathon, but racing the half
  • The importance of making smart decisions during a race
  • Using music strategically during a race
  • Our mutual disdain for fueling with gels
  • Caron’s Disease: Living With It, Not Suffering From It
  • Sacral stress fracture diagnosis and the recovery process
  • Future plans, assuming the stress fracture recovery continues as planned

Check out Susie’s website, and make sure to connect with her on your social media platforms of choice: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

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8 replies
  1. Jill Corbett
    Jill Corbett says:

    I loved listening to this chat! I learned so much! My biggest take away was the importance of making smart decisions during a race. And I enjoyed hearing how much pleasure you coaches take in seeing your clients do well.

    • Denny
      Denny says:

      Thanks Jill! And there really is nothing better than hearing about our clients running intelligently and hitting their goals. Speaking of which, have a great race tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

      • Jill Corbett
        Jill Corbett says:

        Just saw this. Well, you know how my race went. I got the time I wanted but I didn’t run it the way I wanted. And if I ran it smart, I might have done an even better time and placed higher in my age group. Since it was my first 15k, I’ll give myself a break and try to learn from the experience. Hopefully, the next time I run this, I’ll be smarter and stronger and better experienced!


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