Michael Nielsen Is Giving Runners Resources Needed To Succeed

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Today’s guest is a fellow running coach and podcaster, so clearly we will have no lack of topics to cover.

In his running career, he has run hundreds of races, up to and including the 50-mile distance.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Michael Nielsen today!

Michael Nielsen

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Jeff Fleming Has Found His Joy and His Community While On The Trails

Jeff Fleming is joining me on the show today for a chat about all things trails.

He has run multiple ultras of various distances, he clearly isn’t afraid to challenge himself.

I am looking forward to going a few easy trail miles with Jeff.


Jeff Fleming

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Jesse Davis Running for Team USA

Jesse Davis Continues to Evolve as a Runner By Seeking Out New Challenges

Today I’m doing my best to keep up with Jesse Davis for a handful of miles. 

Jesse has twice qualified for the US Olympic trials in the marathon and has competed on the world stage, and more than held his own, against some of the best 50k runners in the world.

Jesse Davis

Jesse Davis

An Endless Evolution

Jesse’s running career continues to evolve over time.

He started his running career as a sprinter, and is proud to say he’s undefeated in the 200m!

Jesse has continued to move up in distance from the sprints to middle distance to long distance and now to ultra distance races.

While some runners lock in on one particular distance and stay there for years, Jesse enjoys continuing to push himself and try new things. Read more