Bill Sycalik at His First National Park

Bill Sycalik Wanted Out of the City, So an Epic Running Adventure was Born

On today’s show, I’m going a few easy miles with Bill Sycalik.

Bill is currently on quite the epic running adventure as he’s traveling around the USA running a marathon in each of the 59 National Parks.

Bill Sycalik and I

And this chat was extra special because I was actually joined “in studio” by Bill himself! Read more

Nikki Love in the Jungle Ultra

Nikki Love is Always Thinking About the Next Epic Running Adventure

When a running adventure sounds ridiculous, Nikki Love starts thinking of something even more epic in order to make the ridiculous sound more doable.

Nikki Love

Nikki Love

But doable to whom? Read more

It's Always More Fun to Run With Others

Ralph Mesquita is Preparing to Run Across Europe for a Great Cause

Ralph Mesquita is an ultra runner with something big up his sleeve for 2017.

Ralph Mesquita Street

Ralph Mesquita

As with most ultra runners, Ralph is of the belief that the marathon is too “short and fast” for his taste, which is further evidence that I’ll never understand the ultra running mindset… Read more

Kim Bessler in the Mountains She Loves

Kim Bessler is Embarking on the Running Trip of a Lifetime

Kim Bessler is embarking on a pretty amazing adventure this summer, and I’m glad I was able to catch up with her before she takes off.

When it comes to racing, Kim hasn’t done much of it (yet), but she’s a beast when it comes to exploring trails and climbing mountains.

Kim Bessler in the Mountains She Loves

Kim Bessler in the Mountains She Loves

This summer, Kim is doing something that I would love to be able to do, and I’m assuming many others would as well. She transformed her car into a make shift RV (see the process unfold phase I and phase II), and is heading west from Colorado to visit California, Oregon, Idaho, Yellowstone, and Utah over the next several weeks. And along the way, she will be climbing mountains, hiking some great trails, and just seeing some of the most beautiful nature that our country has.

We obviously talked about her upcoming trip, but we also talked about her “trial trip”, her recent trip to New England, and some of the dynamics of doing all of this on her own. Here are some of the highlights from our chat: Read more

Diz Runs With… Charlie Engle

On today’s run, I’m joining ultra marathoner Charlie Engle for a few easy miles.

Charlie Engle

Charlie Engle

Charlie’s story is an almost unbelievable combination of highs and lows in both running and life. I could have talked with him for another couple of hours, but in our short time together we still managed to cover some areas of his life in pretty good detail.

Read more