Jessica Croisant

Jessica Croisant Quickly Went from Non-Runner to 100-Mile Finisher

Today I’m going a few easy miles with fellow podcaster and Altra Ambassador Jessica Croisant.

Jessica Croissant at the Finish Line

Jessica Croissant at the Finish Line

Jessica has only been running for a handful of years, but in that time she’s gone from a casual color run to a 100-mile ultra! Read more

Ras Vaughan: The Ultra Pedestrian

Ras Vaughan Thinks of an Impossible Challenge, and Then He Does It!

Ras Vaughan is a self-described “backpacker turned into a back of the packer.”

Ras Vaughan: The Ultra Pedestrian

Ras Vaughan: The Ultra Pedestrian
?: Gavin Woody

You know how I’m still struggling to understand those ultra distance people?

Ras takes my lack of understanding to another level as someone who really enjoys 200 mile races.

Yes, 200 miles.

But more accurately, he especially enjoys non-standard distances and unsupported races.

Race Culture vs. Trail Culture

A lot of runners, including your truly, are at least somewhat focused on speed with faster always being better.

On the trails, however, there isn’t as much of a focus on speed as their is on the roads.

Ras is the trail culture personified, and is much less concerned with going fast as he is with being able to finishing the events he starts ON FOOT. Read more

Amanda Yu on the Road

Amanda Yu Used to Be a Bit Nervous About Some Aspects of Trail Running

Amanda Yu started running in high school for social and superficial reasons.

Amanda Yu on the Road

Amanda Yu Running the Roads

It wasn’t until after college when Amanda joined the work force that she really got into running.

She says she needed a hobby that was good for her, and running seemed to fit the bill.

Her boyfriend agreed, and signed her up for her first half marathon in D.C.

(And for the record, her then boyfriend is her now husband, so she clearly wasn’t too upset that he signed her up for the race!) Read more

Dana Anderson

Dana Anderson Has Found a Balance Between Road & Trail Running (Best Of)

Dana Anderson has only been running for a handful of years, but in that time she has accomplished quite a lot.

She’s run several marathons, though she says she’s still trying to figure out how to really race the distance, and now she’s starting to test the waters of trail running and ultra distance races. And transitioning to trail running has been a good choice for a couple of reasons.

Dana Anderson

Dana Anderson loves to run Corner Canyon in Draper, Utah.

We covered a lot of ground in today’s chat, from getting into trail running (which I would really like to do more of), continuing to push herself in road races, family dynamics, and something that many runners overlook that can dramatically improve running performance. Read more

An Epic Cory Reese Selfie

Cory Reese DNFd His First Few Marathons, Now 26.2 is Just a Warm Up

On today’s episode of the show, I’m going a few miles with fellow Altra Ambassador Cory Reese. 

I first “met” Cory in the Altra Ambassador FB group page, and the first thing that “jumped” out at me was his epic running selfies.

Exhibit A:

An Epic Cory Reese Selfie

An Epic Cory Reese Selfie

A Bumpy Start to Distance Running

Read more