Listener Q&A December 2018

Where has 2018 gone!


It’s hard to believe that the proverbial sand is about to run out of the 2018 hourglass, but it absolutely is.

But we can’t end a month, or a year, without answering your questions!

So let’s get cracking, shall we?

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Listener Q&A: November 2018

Can you believe there is only one month and a few days left to 2018?

I hate to break it to you, but it’s true!

Thanksgiving (here in the States) has come and gone, and the countdown to Christmas has officially begun!

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Listener Q&A: October 2018

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of those holidays that I can pretty much take or leave these days.

And now that I don’t really eat much for sugar and candy, there is even less reason for me to care about Halloween.

But I’m not here to rain on your parade.

I’m here to answer your questions!

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Listener Q&A: September 2018

Apparently, it is now fall…

To be fair, I haven’t seen too many different color license plates on the roads just yet, so down here it is still only fall according to the calendar.

But sometime in the next couple of months, the snowbirds will migrate and Florida fall will officially be upon us.

Whether or not it feels like fall yet, we can’t deny that the month of September is drawing to an end.

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Listener Q&A: August 2018

Depending on where you live, you may not feel like summer is winding down just yet.

But according to the calendar, August is winding down and Labor Day, aka the unofficial end of the summer, is right around the corner.

Before you put your white pants away until Memorial Day, let’s do a little Q&A! Read more