Listener Q&A August 2015

Listener Q&A August 2015

It’s time for the Listener Q&A August 2015 edition!

Listener Q&A August 2015

Listener Q&A August 2015

Every month, I dedicate an entire episode of the show to answering YOUR questions! Here are just a few of the topics we touched on in this episode: Read more

Common Questions About Strength Training for Runners

I’m a firm believer that regular strength training is a must for runners of all ability levels, both to aid in improvement and to reduce the risk of injury.

Yet every time I even mention the topic, I seem to get hit with the same questions about strength training for runners:

  • Will it make me bulk up?
  • When should I do it?
  • Why do I need to work out my upper body as well?

So in this video, I’m answering these common questions about strength training for runners.

Hopefully, if you’re not already, you’ll now be comfortable with the idea of adding regular strength training to your training schedule. And if you’re not sure where to start/what exercises to do, I’ve got you covered there as well!

If you have any questions about any of the exercises in these lists, please don’t hesitate to ask!

What are Your Favorite Strength Training Workouts/Exercises?

Listener Q&A June 2015

Listener Q&A-June 2015

It’s the end of the month, and that can only mean one thing around these parts–it’s time to answer some questions!

Listener Q&A June 2015

I love dedicating an episode each month to helping listeners of the show by answering their questions.

So today, we’ve got questions from former guests of the show (Pat and Sean), regular contributors, and first timers!

If you want to get a question answered on the Diz Runs With podcast, all you need to do is join the Facebook group and be on the lookout for the call for questions which goes out mid-month, typically.

Thanks to Bombas for Sponsoring Today's Show. Click Image to Save 20% on Your Order!

Thanks to Bombas for Sponsoring Today’s Show. Click Image to Save 20% on Your Order!

So without any further ado, let’s dive into this month’s questions! Read more

January Listener Q&A

Runner Q and A-January 2015

Back in August, I released a Q&A episode where I took questions from listeners of the show, friends on Twitter, people on Facebook, and anyone else that had a running related question that they wanted to get answered.

January Listener Q&A

And to date, it is the 2nd most listened to episode of the show.

Something new that I’m going to try for 2015 is making the last episode of the month a Q&A show. Obviously, the first Q&A show was very popular and I’m always getting questions from listeners and twitter followers (which I love, so keep them coming!), so I think it only makes sense to have a regular question and answer time on the show.

I think once a month will be a good frequency to start with, and I’m happy to adjust if there are enough questions to have to do this more often.

So let’s dive in. Read more

Diz Runs With… Q&A and More!

Today, I’m running solo again!

One of the things I love doing, whether it’s on the podcast, on twitter, or wherever is helping answer questions for those that have them. Doing Q&A episodes are one of my favorite ways to take questions, because there are always more than one people with the same questions, so it’s nice to be able to help multiple people at the same time. Presents...-4 Read more