Steven Sashen Is Redefining What People Should Expect From Footwear

My guest today is someone that has been working to revolutionize running shoes over the past decade and he’s built a very successful company around that ambition.

The company started with $40 and a dream and currently is doing over $12 million in annual sales globally.

He’s also a runner himself so I am excited to go a few easy miles with Steven Sashen today.

Steven Sashen

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Eric Deeter Attributes His Ultra Marathon Mindset To His Success

Today’s guest and I first connected several years ago as members of an entrepreneurial mastermind called the Next Level Society.

When we first met he wasn’t doing any running but things have drastically changed since then.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with my friend Eric Deeter today.

Eric Deeter

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Samantha Wood Knows Strength In Running Starts With The Feet

Samantha Wood will be joining me on the show today and we will have no shortage of topics to talk about.

This physical therapist recently finished her third Leadville 100 miler and has also competed in the Spartan World Championships several times.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with my fellow Altra Red Team member Samantha Wood.

Samantha Wood

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Julia Chi Taylor Ran Barefoot Across Spain To Raise Awareness

Today’s guest is making her third appearance on the show.

Julia Chi Taylor

If you missed the first two chats, go back into the archives and listen to episodes 425 and 531 to get a bit more of her background and context into the discussion today.

Julia Chi Taylor and I will go a few easy miles as we catch up on everything that has happened since our last chat.

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Lij Shaw

Lij Shaw Has a Unique Motto for a Runner: “I Eschew the Shoe”

Lij Shaw is like most runners that I can relate to, but with one major difference:

He runs without shoes.

Lij Shaw

Lij Shaw

The thought of running a road race without shoes on literally gives me the heebie jeebies. My feet are very sensitive, and sometimes I hesitate to  walk through the grass in my bare feet for fear of a random twig or pebble and stepping on it.

Run a marathon without some type of shoe to protect my feet? No chance.

But Lij Shaw has no such issues. He loves barefoot running, and is ready to go on roads, in snow, or under any other conditions that present themselves. And who would have thought that it all started on a trip to store to get some Vibrams to run in.

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