Bernadette Benson

Bernadette Benson Isn’t One to Back Down from a Challenge

Bernadette Benson is a beast in the trail and ultra world.

She currently holds 19 age-group records and held the world record for distance covered over a 24 hour period for 17 consecutive miles between 2013 and 2014.

Bernadette Benson

Bernadette Benson

She enjoys running for the challenges that it presents, both the mental and the physical. And that quest for finding and meeting new challenges pushes her to continue trying new events and pushing her limits.

And between the time we recorded this interview and the time that it was released, she completed one of the ultimate challenges of trail and ultra running: the UTMB. She finished a solid 7th overall, with a time of 29:40:11. (Click here for complete results.)

We definitely talked about her preparations for UTMB, in addition to a whole lot more. Here are some of the highlights from our chat: Read more