BethAnn Telford Ran Around the World to Raise Awareness and Spread Hope

In our first chat, BethAnn Telford shared some of her story including the moment, at Mile 19 of the Marine Corps Marathon, when she realized something was seriously wrong.

BethAnn Telford and Old Glory

A diagnosis of a brain tumor altered her life but didn’t stop her.

Today we will go a few easy miles as she shares how raising funds and awareness for this personal cause has literally taken her around the world.

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BethAnn Telford

BethAnn Telford is Fighting the Fight Against Brain Cancer

My guest today is an incredibly inspiring woman. BethAnn Telford was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2005, and since then she continues to do everything she can to raise money for a cure.

BethAnn Telford

BethAnn Telford

One of the very unique things that BethAnn does for every race she participates in is to have a child with cancer decorate her running shoes for that particular race.

She doesn’t wear the shoes before the race, and never wears then again after her race, but it’s her way of running with and for those that simply can not do something like that on their own.

And if you ask me, that’s pretty fricking cool…

Becoming an Endurance Athlete by Osmosis

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