Boston Bound Author Elizabeth Clor

Elizabeth Clor Overcame Her Mental Demons to Qualify for Boston

Today I’m talking with Elizabeth Clor, who recently published a book on her seven year journey (and struggle) with qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Boston Bound Author Elizabeth Clor

Boston Bound Author Elizabeth Clor

Running Before the Boston Journey Began

Growing up Elizabeth was a dancer, but after college she joined a gym to stay active and started to run on the treadmill on the days when her step aerobics class wasn’t in session. Read more

Can't. Wait.

Top 5 Moments I’m Looking Forward to About Running Boston

It’s no secret around these parts about the love affair that I have for the Boston Marathon.

Can't. Wait.

Can’t. Wait.

Qualifying for this race is my number one running goal, and running the 50 states isn’t even that close of a second.

So today is clearly a bit of a holiday for me, as it’s officially Marathon Monday!

While I’m watching the race unfold today on TV, and probably on Twitter as well, I’ll be dreaming about the day that I’m hanging out in Hopkinton and getting ready for my Boston Marathon experience… Read more

Ty Godwin Loves the Boston Marathon

Ty Godwin Made Boston Qualifying His Goal, and He Didn’t Stop Once He Hit the Mark!

Ty Godwin has accomplished some things in running that I definitely hope to achieve in the future, specifically qualifying for and running in Boston, so in chatting with him today hopefully I’ll be able to learn a few things to help me get to Hopkinton.

Ty Godwin Loves the Boston Marathon

Ty Godwin Loves the Boston Marathon

While Ty is definitely a big fan of the Boston Marathon, and you know where I stand on that race, we didn’t talk exclusively about what it takes to get to Boston on Patriot’s Day.

We spent some time talking about how he got into running, a comparison between running and blackjack, running while traveling, struggles (past and present) with injuries, and a whole lot more.

And we talked about Boston, obviously! Read more

Looking Back on the 2015 Boston Marathon (with Video)

During yesterday’s Boston Marathon, I was glued to the screen as usual to watch the race unfold.

While this year’s race didn’t have a dramatic breakaway like last year, there were still several things that stood out to me while watching the race that I’ll certainly remember from the 2015 Boston Marathon.

What Will the Lasting Image of the 2015 Boston Marathon be for You?

Boston Marathon

A Boston Marathon Group Run

I have a huge crush on the Boston Marathon.

Boston Marathon

And if you’ve been following me, this blog, or the podcast for long, you knew that already.

I basically have two goals when it comes to running, and one of them is to qualify for and finish Boston.

But this historic race holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many runners. So for this episode of the podcast, I asked some fellow members of the running community to wax poetic about the race we affectionately refer to simply as Boston. Read more