Morgan Hawkins Is A Relatable Coach That Values The Run Experience

My guest on the show today is Morgan Hawkins, a lifelong runner, coach, and fellow Altra Red Team Member.

Morgan is passionate about the sport and her running journey has been anything but linear.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Morgan Hawkins today.

Morgan Hawkins

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Ty Godwin Loves the Boston Marathon

Ty Godwin Made Boston Qualifying His Goal, and He Didn’t Stop Once He Hit the Mark!

Ty Godwin has accomplished some things in running that I definitely hope to achieve in the future, specifically qualifying for and running in Boston, so in chatting with him today hopefully I’ll be able to learn a few things to help me get to Hopkinton.

Ty Godwin Loves the Boston Marathon

Ty Godwin Loves the Boston Marathon

While Ty is definitely a big fan of the Boston Marathon, and you know where I stand on that race, we didn’t talk exclusively about what it takes to get to Boston on Patriot’s Day.

We spent some time talking about how he got into running, a comparison between running and blackjack, running while traveling, struggles (past and present) with injuries, and a whole lot more.

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