Scott Riecke is an Ordinary Marathoner that is Anything But Ordinary

Scott Riecke is on the show today for round two.

A lot has happened since we first chatted, including not one but two Ironman finishes, marriage, another addition to the family, and a thriving podcast.

Scott Riecke, You ARE an Ironman!

Today we are going a few easy miles to discuss all that’s changed since our first chat.

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No Such Thing as Too Much Running? Actually, There Is. It’s Called Overtraining.

As runners, especially distance runners, we run the risk of overtraining because we always want more.

We want to run farther (more distance).

We want a new PR (more speed).

And often in the pursuit of more, we do too much which leads to our bodies breaking down.

In this week’s video, I’m talking about the common causes of overtraining and some of the signs and symptoms of overtraining that you can be aware of to prevent yourself from doing too much.

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