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Mark Casas Has Seen an Evolution in His Running Life Over the Past 20+ Years

Running has been a part of life for Mark Casas since he was a kid.

He’s run all the distances, from the track to the roads, and coached many runners along the way as well.

Mark Casas

Mark Casas

Coaching High School Runners

Mark had the opportunity to coach high school track and cross country at his alma mater shortly after finishing college, and having the opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of kids over his time there is something that was very special to Mark.  Read more

Angela Barraco Running with Team for Kids

Angela Barraco is a Runner in Denial, but She’s Not Fooling Anyone!

Angela Barraco didn’t think of herself as a runner after running her first marathon, but as much as she may want to deny it she clearly is a runner at this point in her life!

Angela Barraco Loves Running Long

Angela Barraco Loves Running Long

An Accidental Marathoner

Angela ran her first marathon by accident, or more accurately, signed up for her first marathon by accident.

After college, Angela was looking for ways to be more active on a regular basis, so she signed up for a half marathon. She figured that since she had paid the money already, she’d be motivated to do the training.

She did, and she loved it!

After that first half marathon, Angela heard about the NYC half and she decided to sign up.

Registration was closed, but charity spots were open, so she figured what the heck.

One thing led to another, and she got the confirmation: Congratulations! You’re Registered for the NYC Marathon!

Wait, what?  Read more

Paul Stroessner aka The Rhode Runner

Paul Stroessner Has Found a Joy in Running and Giving Back

On today’s episode of the podcast, I’m chatting with Paul Stroessner.

Paul Stroessner aka The Rhode Runner

Paul Stroessner aka The Rhode Runner

Paul and I have a similar goal, to travel around the United States and run races in each state. Paul’s goal is definitely more noble than mine, however, in that he is looking to run each of his races to benefit a different charity.

Back in his younger days, Paul ran in school and was the captain of his cross country team in high school. But after that, life got hectic and eventually he hadn’t run in 20+ years before getting back to the sport a few years ago.

Thanks to Jabra for Sponsoring This Episode

Thanks to Jabra for Sponsoring This Episode

And since coming back to the sport, he’s fallen back in love with running and the different vibe surrounded races now that they aren’t the competitive events that he remembers from his high school days.

Here are just a few of the highlights from my chat with Paul Stroessner:

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Diz Runs With… Sarah Doughtry

On today’s run, I’m joining Sarah Doughtry, who is the founder of

Runraisers is a great organization that partners with non-profits to help them raise money so that they can continue to do their work and help those that need it the most. So many runners are willing to run for a cause to raise money and awareness for different organizations, and Runraisers makes the process very easy for all parties involved. Read more