An Autoimmune Disease May Slow Ali Feller Down, But It Won’t Stop Her

An autoimmune disease would provide many people with a reason not to get out the door and push their bodies to their limits, but not Ali Feller.

Ali Feller, Ali on the Run

Ali Feller

Along with running, Ali is also a fellow podcaster, blogger, and a freelance writer and editor.

Crohn’s disease may slow her down at times, but it will never stop her.

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Susie Lemmer

Susie Lemmer is Chomping at the Bit to Get Back to Running

On today’s episode of the show, I’m joining blogger and running coach Susie Lemmer for a few easy miles.

Susie Lemmer

Susie Lemmer

If you haven’t checked out her website yet, you really should head over to and look around a little bit. Her writing is really great, and after talking with her it’s clear that the voice she uses on her website is 100% her own.

And not every blogger can say that is always the case. Believe me…

We really did have a great conversation today. She shared some great running tips, we laughed a lot, and her stories are top notch.

You’re definitely going to enjoy this one!

Here are some of the highlights from my chat with Susie Lemmer:

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