Heather Caplan

Heather Caplan Believes that the Best Diet is No Diet at All

Today I’m running a few easy miles with an anti-diet dietician.

Heather Caplan on the Trails

Heather Caplan on the Trails

Heather Caplan has a few different titles in her byline. In addition to being a dietician, she is also a freelance writer, podcast host, runner, and coach.

I’m extremely excited that Heather has carved the the time out of her busy schedule to chat today. Read more

QT: Treat Every Event Like it is Going to Be Your Last Race

The running community and the Diz Runs family lost one of the good ones this week when Stephen Lee passed away unexpectedly.

Rest Well, My Friend…

Stephen was a friend to me and to many in the online running community, and he will certainly be missed. Read more

Erin Freel Before and After

Erin Freel has Found Success by Setting Big Goals and Doing the Work

Today I’m going a few easy miles with runner and triathlete (and Ironman!) Erin Freel.

Erin Freel, Finishing Her Ironman

Erin Freel, Finishing Her Ironman

The decision to start running was one that Erin credits with saving her life.

Erin has lost over 100 pounds since the start of her running journey, and she’s not planning to slow down anytime soon! Read more

Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks Has Been Blogging at Run to the Finish For a Decade

Today I’m running a few miles with a runner that is one of the OGs in the online running community.

Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks

Her blog is packed with thousands of posts, and if you look hard enough you might find my guest post I wrote awhile back about recovering from a stress fracture.

I’m excited to catch up with one of my favorite run bloggers, Amanda Brooks, today! Read more

QT: Salvage a Bad Run (or Race) By Moving the Goal Posts

If you run long enough, you will learn that not all runs (or races) go according to plan.

How do you react when you are having a bad run?

Do you just say screw it, and cut the run short? Do you power through, hating it, until you finish?

Or do you figure out how to turn your bad run into the proverbial lemonade? Read more