Chris Ward Became A Storyteller In A Long Way From Nowhere

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My guest today will likely be a familiar voice to a few of you because he’s making his third appearance on the podcast today.

Along with being the host of the Like a Bigfoot Podcast, he also added the title of a film director to his CV.

I’m looking forward to going a few easy miles and catching up with Chris Ward.

Chris Ward

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Susie Chan in the Jungle Ultra

Susie Chan Takes on All Races: From Roads to Trails to Deserts to Jungles!

In today’s episode of the show, I’m going a few easy miles with Susie Chan.

Susie Chan Crossing the Water

Susie Chan Crossing the Water

Susie is a beast of a runner, and she regularly competes on both the roads and the trails.

And she’s definitely not one to back down from a challenge, as she has competed in some of the difficult events in the world! Read more