My Running Journal

Quick Tip: My First Six Months of Keeping a Running Journal

Before the start of this year, I did not keep a running journal.

All I did before this year was write down how many miles I ran on the days that I would run, and that was pretty much it. Every once in awhile I’d also write down what the workout was for the day, but there were never any notes about how I was feeling, what my mental state was like, or anything else that might have been considered useful.

I knew that there were benefits of keeping a running journal, I just didn’t do it.

One of my goals for 2016 was to start a running journal and keep better notes on each of my workouts this year in case I ever needed to reflect back on them in the future.

Recent Entry to My Running Journal

Recent Entry to My Running Journal

A couple of weeks ago, Julie sent me a note suggesting that I share a little progress update on how I’m doing with my journaling and any ways that my method of documenting my training has changed since I started my running journal back in January.

Sounded like a great topic for a quick tip episode, so here we are.

(Speaking of which, I’m always open to any suggestions for quick tip topics. If you a specific topic you’d be interested in hearing me tackle on the show, just ask!) Read more