Amanda Love is Making Positive Changes in Her Community

My guest today loves being a part of the running community in a variety of ways.

Amanda Love

She is actively involved in the Girls On The Run program and is working towards organizing a trail running event to help raise funds for a local nature preserve.

Amanda Love goes all in whether it’s for her own goals or to help her community.

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Gary Stotler

Gary Stotler is Checking Back In and Still Running Epic

Hey guys today I’m running a few easy miles with a familiar voice here on Diz Runs

Gary Stotler

Gary Stotler, Loving the Mountains

If you look back to episode 215 at about a year and a half ago, we met Gary Stotler!

Just to bring you back to pace Gary was previously over 400 pounds and looking for a way to lose weight and improve his health, he began walking and eventually got into running.

Fast forward to today and Gary has completed numerous races up to, and including, several ultra distance events! Read more

Bradley Lane

Trying Not to Get “Lawyered” on the Trails with Bradley Lane

Today I’m joining Bradley Lane, one of my fellow Altra Ambassadors, on the trails around Washington DC for a few easy miles.

Bradley Lane

Bradley Lane

Finding Trails in the Urban Environment

Unbeknownst for many people, Washington DC has some seriously technical trails to run in the area. And even inside of DC proper, there is nearly 35 miles worth of trails to run on.

Just because Bradley lives in our nation’s capital, it doesn’t mean that he’s stuck pounding the pavement.

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