Dogs Make the Best Running Partners

Quick Tip–How to Run With Your Dog (Safely!)

I love running with my dog.

Run With Your Dog

There’s no doubt about it, at least in my mind. But it’s actually a lot harder to run with your dog than you might think (or maybe not!) so for today’s quick tip I want to share a few things I’ve learned about dog/human running to make it an enjoyable experience for you AND your dog!

Things To Remember When You Run With Your Dog

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Why Do Dogs Make the Best Running Partners?

I am a huge proponent of running with others.

Yes running is a solo sport, but the communities of runners that exist in person at the local level and world wide via social media can’t be ignored. And there is just something about running with a group of people that helps to push me to run faster or farther than I could have ever gone on my own.

That said, the best running partner I’ve ever had has four legs and a tail.

There’s Nothing Like Running With a Dog

Dogs Make the Best Running Partners

Best Running Partners Ever!

I love running with my wife. I love running with my friends in the Pack. And I love running with strangers at at races.

But nothing compares to the joy I get from running with my dog. And here are 8 reasons why. Read more