Michael Deza with his Girlfriend

Michael Deza Ran His Biggest Goal Race, & Changed His Running Focus

On today’s show, I’m joining up for a round two with Michael Deza.

Michael Deza at the 2016 Boston Marathon

Michael Deza at the 2016 Boston Marathon

When Michael was last on the show, we talked about his path to finding his calling as a runner as well as the great year of running he had in 2015.

One of his big goals for 2015 was to qualify for both the Boston and NYC marathons, which he did. Now that he’s back on the show, I’m interested in hearing how Boston went for him earlier this year and how he sees the rest of 2016 shaking out.

The 2016 Boston Marathon

Michael’s overal Boston Marathon experience was very positive, even though it solidified for him that he wanted to focus more on becoming an elite half marathoner instead of an elite marathoner. Read more

Sally McRae Felling at Home, Running in the Mountains

Sally McRae is Fueled By the Competition and the Fun of Ultra Running!

Today on the show, I’m doing my best to keep up with Sally McRae for a few easy miles.

Sally McRae, Elite Ultra Runner

Sally McRae, Elite Ultra Runner

Sally is still somewhat new to the ultra distance scene, but she’s quickly proving herself to be right there with the best trail and ultra runners in the world.

When I posed my opening question to Sally, her answer proved immediately that she’s insane: her favorite distance to race is 100 miles because “it allows her the opportunity to spend the most possible time in the mountains”.

Call me crazy, but just go camping for a few days and you can spend a longer amount of time in the mountains without beating yourself up by racing 100 miles.

But I digress… Read more

Becki Spellman in the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon

Becki Spellman is Still Going Strong After 20 Years of Competitive Running

On today’s episode of the podcast, I’m joining 3 time Olympic Trials qualifier Becki Spellman for a few easy miles!

Becki Spellman in the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon

Becki Spellman in the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon

In addition to being an elite distance runner, Becki is also a wife and mother of twins that runs as part of the Oiselle Haute Volee team.

Even though she has seen most of her professional success as a pro at the marathon distance, her favorite race distance is actually quite a bit shorter: 3,000 meters.

Her love of the shorter distance goes back to her college days of racing the mile and the steeple chase, and even though she doesn’t get to race that type of distance much anymore, she still loves running the “shorter” stuff.

Exercise physiologist Matt Woods talked with her while she was working in a running store, and after running some tests on her (including a VO2max test), he was able to convince her to start running some longer distances events.

It’s easy to see that she made the right choice in going long.

Today’s Episode is Sponsored By: Running With the Bears

Today's Sponsor: Running With the Bears

As with many of us, running the longer races has almost been as much of a struggle mentally as it has been physically for Becki. Read more

Jacob Puzey

Jacob Puzey Has Seen the Value of His Hard Work First Hand

On today’s episode of the show, I’m joining elite ultra distance runner Jacob Puzey for a few easy miles.

Jacob Puzey

Jacob Puzey

Jacob is definitely a beast in the ultra world, feeling most comfortable in races lasting from 2-6 hours. And his results speak for themselves, with several wins and course records to his name.

Unlike a lot of the elites that I’ve talked to, Jacob wasn’t one of the best runners as a kid. In fact, during his first cross country season his goal was to be able to finish a 3k race without having to stop and walk. But he kept working hard, and eventually his hard work started to pay off.

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We covered a lot of ground today, including a recent move to Canada, his work ethic as a high school runner, why he finds joy in the hard work require to be an elite runner, coaching, and more. Read more

Lessons from the Olympic Trials

Quick Tip: Learn from the Pros aka Takeaways from the Olympic Trials

Yeah, I know the Olympic Trials were over a month ago.

I know this post is now quite a bit less timely than it would have been had I posted it the week after the trials, like every other running coach/blogger did.

But I thought it would be good to be able to let some time pass and then reflect on the trials and what we as “not elite marathoners” can takeaway from watching the best runners in the USA duke it out on national television.

Lessons from the Olympic Trials

Lessons from the Olympic Trials

(Wouldn’t it be cute if the reason I’m doing this post now is that I had the foresight to leave time for reflection after the Olympic Trials instead of just now “getting to it”?)

At least I’m probably the only blogger/podcaster/coach still talking about the race from a month ago, so there’s that… Read more