A Failed Experiment

Sometimes an Experiment Just Blows Up in Your Face

I’m always up for a little experiment, an opportunity to try something and see how it goes.

Well, in science and in life, sometimes things come up roses and sometimes…

A Failed Experiment

A Failed Experiment

…not so much.

So in this episode, I’m talking about said failed experiment and offering a short quick tip-esque bit of advice that I’ve been noticing quite a bit lately.

Basically, there’s no reason to run while you’re in pain, because you’re only going to make the problem worse!

I know that might sound simple, but if you’ve ever had something that was nagging at you, especially during the build up to a race, you know just how hard it is to skip one day of running. So the idea of shutting it down for a week or more is something many runners can’t even comprehend.

But you need to not only comprehend the idea, but put it into action.

Believe me, that’s easier said than done. Read more