Listener Q&A Feb 2016

Listener Q&A February 2016: Leap Year Addition!

What are you doing with the extra 24 hours in your 2016?

That’s right y’all, this year is a leap year and I’m spending my leap day answering your questions in the Listener Q&A Episode!

Listener Q&A Feb 2016

Listener Q&A Feb 2016

In case you’re new around these parts, let me tell you how this works:

  • You join our public Facebook group, and somewhere mid-month I start a thread asking for questions to answer in the podcast.
  • When you see the call for questions, you add said questions in a comment. (Questions don’t have to be running specific, I’m open to talking about just about anything.)
  • During the last “regular” episode of the month, i.e. not a quick tip episode, I forgo an interview and try to answer your questions instead.

Pretty straight forward, eh?

Please note, you don’t HAVE to join the FB group to get your questions answered, but it is the BEST way so that I don’t miss your questions. If you’re not a Facebooker, feel free to send me a tweet or an email with your question and I’ll do my best to include those as well.

So without any further ado, let’s dive into this month’s questions! Read more