QT: A Social Run Should Be Social, I Mean I’m Just Saying…

When it comes to training for a race, we typically have a few different kinds of runs on our training plans.

Long runs. Recovery runs. Hard runs.

Each type of run serves its purpose, and the labels on the may vary slightly, but these runs are pretty standard no matter what kind of race you’re training for.

There is another kind of run that rarely shows up on a training plan but is just as common as any of the “Big 3” listed above.

And that is the social run.

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A Group Run with Some of the Ladies of Salty Running

Today’s episode will be a little different than usual.

Instead of the usual one on one chat, I’ll be talking with seven ladies in a bit more of a round table-esqe discussion.

And the tie that binds? All seven are contributors to Salty Running.

Today, I have the pleasure of chatting with Salty, Cinnamon, Pumpkin, Ginger, Pimento, Catnip, and Bergamot.

A Quick Look at the Salty Running History

It sounds a little crazy, but there weren’t many websites that focused on the needs/wants of the competitive female runner just a few years ago. Read more

Boston Marathon

A Boston Marathon Group Run

I have a huge crush on the Boston Marathon.

Boston Marathon

And if you’ve been following me, this blog, or the podcast for long, you knew that already.

I basically have two goals when it comes to running, and one of them is to qualify for and finish Boston.

But this historic race holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many runners. So for this episode of the podcast, I asked some fellow members of the running community to wax poetic about the race we affectionately refer to simply as Boston. Read more