Stress Fx Defined

My Epic Stress Fracture Guest Post on

In late December, I got an email from Amanda over at

If you haven’t visited her website before, you need to because it’s really awesome! She’s been blogging for several years now, and her website is a regular whenever sites start compiling lists of the best running blogs on the internet.

Anyway, in the email Amanda asked me if I’d be willing to write a guest post for on one of the more serious running injuries out there: stress fractures.

Stress Fx Defined

I obviously said I’d be more than happy to write the post, and once the holiday chaos subsided I got in the zone and started typing.

And typing.

And editing.

And typing some more.

The result? What I like to think of as a pretty damn epic piece of content where I’m talking about stress fractures and the process of coming back to running after such an injury.

And if you haven’t had a stress fracture before, there are some tips in there for you as well about continuing to run and staying stress fracture free.

Earlier this week, the post went out on her blog.

So click on over to and check out my guest post about running after dealing with a stress fracture!

What is the Worst Running Related Injury You’ve Ever Had?

Parents are the Toughest Runners

Who are the Toughest Runners on the Planet? (A Guest Post by Andy Cloud)

When you picture it in your mind, what do the toughest runners look like??

Is it the elite marathoner breaking the tape at a marathon major? Maybe the 100 mile ultra runner who runs for 24 hours plus? Or could it be the Tough Mudder, who actually paid money to scale walls, struggle through muddy pits, and get electrocuted?

You might tell yourself that all of those runners are pretty tough, and I’d certainly agree.

But the toughest runners, the runners that really take it to the next level when it comes to sacrifice and dealing with adversity, would be your average, everyday, hard working runner/parent.

Parents are the Toughest Runners

Parents are the Toughest Runners

Running and Raising Kids

There are many challenges that a parent has to overcome when you’re running/racing.

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Lessons I Learned After My First Marathon-A Guest Post

Earlier this week, one of the members of our Facebook “Tribe” shared some of his thoughts after completing his first marathon recently.

I loved his post, and asked him if I could share it here, because I think there are plenty of valuable takeaways for anyone running their first half or full marathon.

So, here are Stephen’s takeaways after his first foray into the land of 26.2.

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My First Night Race–Guest Post from Samantha Angelino Who Is Preparing for the 2013 Wine and Dine Half Marathon

Welcome to Sam, who is my newest blog partner in my Run Bloggers Unite! project. If you’d like to partner with me, please let me know!

I hope you enjoy reading Sam’s take on getting ready to run the Wine and Dine Half Marathon for the first time, and click over to her blog to read my perspective as a Wine and Dine Veteran!

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