Mike Korfhage

Mike Korfhage is Pushing Himself While Carrying Others

Today I’m running a few easy miles with a guy that will never shy away from a challenge.

Since running his first race 6 years ago, Mike Korfhage has completed a handful of marathons and even an Ironman triathlon.

Mike Korfhage

Mike Korfhage, Post Iron Man

If Mike sounds familiar you might have heard of his heroics during the Boston marathon.

Today we are honored to have Mike Korfhage on the show. Read more

The Key to Becoming a Successful Runner (with Video)

What does it take to be a successful runner?

First and foremost, you should probably define what a successful runner means to you.

  • It could be running a certain distance.
  • It could mean surpassing a certain time goal in a particular event.
  • It could mean staying injury free for years on end.

Honestly, there is no limit to possible the possible definitions of a successful runner but one thing is certain: there are no shortcuts to success.

If you want to be successful, in running or in anything else in life, I’m sharing “the secret” that separates the success stories from the wannabes in today’s video.

You’re welcome.