Lauren Seserko Knows a Positive Mindset Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

I am going a few easy miles today with my guest Lauren Seserko.

Lauren Seserko

Lauren is a self-proclaimed foodie and science nerd that is also a health and fitness nut.

With so many topics she is passionate about, Lauren shares her knowledge and opinions with the masses through blogging.  Read more

Tina Muir

Tina Muir Gave Up Running at the Highest Level to Improve Her Health

Today I’m going a few easy miles with a runner that walked away from the sport after competing on the world stage.

Tina Muir

Tina Muir

Tina Muir is our returning guest today, after first appearing on the show back in episode 239.

When we first chatted, we covered her struggles with the marathon, training at the elite level, and much more.

Since then, however, running and life have changed dramatically for Tina in a number of ways. Read more

Foot Massage

QT: Are Your Dogs Barking? Why You Should Make Proper Foot Care a Priority

Do you make foot care a priority?

Or are you the type of runner that doesn’t pay attention to your feet until they are causing you a problem.

Y’all, seriously, prevention beats cure.

Every. Single. Time. Read more

Martinus Evans with the Heel Click

Martinus Evans Started Running Out of Spite, but Soon He Was Hooked

Martinus Evans is a big man.

But before he started running in 2012, he was an even bigger man.

Martinus Evans

Martinus Evans

A Spiteful Start to Running

Martinus started running, in a round about way, because of a problem with his hip. He went to his primary care doctor who in turn sent him to a physical therapist.

He eventually ended up seeing an orthopedic surgeon who was very blunt with him. The surgeon told him he knew why Martinus was having his hip problems.

When Martinus asked him why, the surgeon was very blunt. “Because you are fat.” Read more

Joshua St John Post Squamish

Committing to the Process Helped Joshua St John Overcome PTSD & Depression

Today I’m running with friend/listener of the show, and a man who recently finished his 1st ultra, Joshua St John.

Joshua St John

Joshua St John

Joshua has only been running for a handful of years (at the time of this recording), and after getting out of the military his health took a pretty serious turn for the worst. He was taking medication for PTSD and depression, one of the side effects of the medications was weight gain gain.

After some time, he knew he needed to make a change for his health and he started walking.

At that point, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that vacuuming the house was physically demanding, so simply getting out of the house and walking was a very positive step for Joshua both mentally and physically.

The hardest step is always the one out your front door, and that never changes. ~Joshua St John #runchat Click To Tweet Read more