Training Plans Are Useless…

Image by Anamorphic Mike via Flickr

Image by Anamorphic Mike via Flickr

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

~Mike Tyson

Sage advice from the former champ. Who would have ever thought Mike Tyson and sage advice could be linked in such fine fashion? Not me, but I think he’s on to something here.

When runners come up with training plans to help them prepare for their next race, they rarely have to worry about literally getting punched in the face.

But the metaphorical fists start flying early and often, and very few people are able to make it from the first day of their plan to race day without getting hit a few times.

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Thinking About Running? Here are 5 Tips From Jess Smith to Help You Get Off the Couch and Out the Door!

A big thanks to Jess Smith for being the first guest writer of the Run Bloggers Unite! movement. If you’d like to to join the movement, I’d love to partner with you!
But without further ado, please enjoy Jess’s awesome addition to my blog, and please check out my guest post on my evolution from non-runner to (annoying?) runner, with some of my tips to help you get started as well, over on her blog.

I’ve spent the last 2 years turning myself from an overweight couch potato into a runner.


Pretty Impressive, Eh?

The question I get asked most often is “How did you start?”

I guess going from being able to jog slowly for about 5 minutes to running a half marathon in less than a year gives me some kind of authority to answer this question.

While keeping in mind that I’m still a fairly new runner, and my previous running experience was limited to a grand 17:00 minute mile in high school, know that I’m not an authority on all things running – these are just some things that worked for me!

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Carol Marsh Kids 2 Camp 5k

This past weekend, my wife and I competed in a 5k race here in Lakeland.

Unlike the majority of 5ks in Lakeland, this one didn’t take place around Lake Hollingsworth. And while there is nothing wrong with running a race around Lake Hollingsworth, the different scenery/course was a very breath of fresh air.

Not only was the course new, but this was the first time that this particular race had been run. We ran in the 1st Annual, Carol Marsh Kids 2 Camp 5k, which was a fund raiser by First United Methodist Church to help kids attend summer camp. The opportunity to run a new race on a new course for a great cause was too much to pass up.

So I signed up.

The morning of the race was great, although some might argue that it was a touch on the chilly side. Temps were in the mid-to-high 50s, but the breeze was almost non-existent. While we were waiting for the race to begin, members of the church’s youth group praise band were singing songs out on the patio.

I had no plans of going very fast, but I have a hard time not giving it my all when I pin a race number to my shirt. So while a nice, easy 25-26 minute race was what I was shooting for, when the race started I took off a little faster than I had planned. When I got to the 1 mile mark and heard someone yell out 7:05, I thought maybe I should go ahead and push it a little bit. I hadn’t run a 5k in over 3 years, and 25 or 26 minutes would have been a PR anyway, so I kept my foot on the gas and went for it.

At 1 mile, I was cruising comfortably and in about 7th place overall. I was hoping to keep steady with the trio in front of me, and see if I could pick them off towards the end of the race. Instead, I got around all 3 of them before 1.5, and set my sights on the guy in 3rd, who was only a half a block in front of me. I passed him at about the 2 mile mark, and never looked back.

The two guys that were out in front of me were long gone, but I was pretty happy with the way the race was progressing. The last mile was a loop around Lake Morton before finishing back at the church. As I was going around the lake, I took a peek at my watch and knew I was in for a pretty good time. As I came to the final turn and last little bit up a (very small) hill, I accelerated as much as I could. When I crossed the line, I stopped my watch and was a surprised to see a 21:38. A few years ago, my goal was to one day be able to run a 5k in less than 24 minutes. I guess I took care of that.

My time was good enough for 3rd overall in the race (can anyone say slow field?), and 2nd in my age group, and for my efforts I got a pretty sweet prize. The kids in the Neighborhood Ministries program at the church were in charge of decorating the prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in each age group, and they decorated plates in whatever way they wanted to. Whoever decorated mine did a great job drawing a bunch of colorful spirals all over the plate, which really looks pretty neat.


Photo by The Wife

Plans are already in the works for next year, so I hope a few more people will be able to take part in the 2nd Annual Carol Marsh Kids 2 Camp 5k. I know I’ll be there.

I’ve got a plate to defend.