How to Speed Up Recovery Post Race or Hard Run (with Video)

We aren’t exactly known for our patience, are we?

As runners, we seem to want to do everything faster.

  • We know our race times down to the second and what pace we need to run to nail that next PR
  • We want to speed up our progress by doing every workout as hard as we possibly can
  • If we get injured, we want to heal up and get back to running ASAP
  • After injury, we waste no time diving back into our training instead of easing into it

So it comes as no surprise that one of the most common questions I get from my fellow runners has to do with how one might speed up recovery after a race or hard training run.

Slow Down for a Minute

Slowing Down Helps Speed Up Recovery

Slowing Down Helps Speed Up Recovery

I get it.

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of taking time off and allowing my body to do the healing necessary after a race.

That idle time can really be a tough pill to swallow. Remember, the healing process takes some time physiologically, and allowing your body to do what it does is the only way for a full recovery to take place.

There is no magic cure all for post race soreness.

Sorry, there’s just not.

That said, there are certain things that we can do to help speed up the recovery process. Read more

Dealing with Heavy Legs

Quick Tip–Dealing with Heavy Legs

There comes a point when you’re training for a long race where the accumulation of miles finally starts to get to you and you end up dealing with heavy legs.

Dealing with Heavy Legs

Dealing with Heavy Legs

This topic is hitting very close to home for me at the moment, since I am absolutely at that point in my training for the Running With the Bears marathon.

The race is still a few weeks away, but earlier this morning I crossed the 20 mile point for the first time in a while. And that means I’ll be dealing with heavy legs tonight, tomorrow, and probably even into Sunday.

My Favorite Ways of Dealing with Heavy Legs

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