QT: Don’t Stress About Running Over the Holidays (Best Of-ish)

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The last six months of the year can a bit crazy, yes?

Between now and the end of the year, things just tend to be a bit crazy.

Holiday parties. Christmas pageants for the kids. End of the year “things”. Family demands. Travel.

Add it all up, the routine is a hot mess from now until somewhere around 4-5 January when the New Year is here and we settle back into our normal busy lives.

All of this disruption can wreak havoc on the training plans of anyone running over the holidays.

But it doesn’t have to. Read more

Holiday Drinking

QT: Surviving the End of the Year Madness (Best Of-ish)

The end of the year is a crazy time for most of us.

It’s easy to focus on the craziness surrounding Christmas and the week between that and the New Year, but if you think about it for a minute the entire month can be one big blur.

Depending on your profession, there is the madness associated with tying up all of the loose ends of one year before diving headfirst into the next one.

If you have kids of a certain age, there is going to be a holiday concert at school that you’ll have to go to.

And if you’re “fortunate” enough to have kids at a couple of different schools at the same time, you’ll be blessed by the “opportunity” to see basically the same holiday concert more than once.


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QT: Walking the Food Tight Rope this Holiday Season

All. The. Food.

Ready or not, the food holidays are coming and they are coming quick!

As runners, how do you walk the food tight rope during the holiday season?

Do you just go ahead and eat all the things? Do you try to hold the line and remain disciplined? Or do you try to find some semblance of middle ground? Read more

QT: How to Stay on Track During the Holidays

It’s that time of the year, y’all.

Whatever holidays you do or don’t celebrate, things tend to get a bit crazy between now and about the 5th of January.

Holiday parties at work. Family. Travel. All the treats. All the drinks.

Point blank, staying on track with your training this time of year is a bit of a challenge, to put it mildly.

That said, if you’re a bit strategic, you can come out the other end no worse for the wear.

And if you really play your cards right, you can continue to make progress toward your goals at a time when a lot of people take their foot off the gas.

I’m glad you asked! Read more

QT: Best Christmas Gifts (or Anytime of Year Gifts, Really) for Runners

Pop quiz: How many shopping days are left until Christmas?

Answer: I have no fricking clue! But whatever the number is, the countdown is on and Christmas will be here before you know it.

Buying Christmas gifts for runners can be a bit tricky.

We runners are a peculiar bunch.

There are 40 ba-jillion different running shoes out there, and yet I’ll only wear one or two different models from one shoe company. If a well meaning family member or friend buys me a different pair of running shoes, I’ll politely smile, say thank you, and literally never put that pair of shoes on my feet.


And shoes aren’t the only thing we are peculiar about. We also have pretty strong opinions when it comes to apparel, fueling options, accessories, and just about anything else that we use while running.

Runners Not Crazy

It’s not that we aren’t open to trying new things, but most runners have a pretty strong “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it philosophy”.

So if you don’t know the exact preferences of each item for the runners on your list, it can be tough to get the right Christmas gifts under the tree.  Read more