QT: How to Save Money When Traveling to a Destination Race

A lot of runners have ambitions of traveling to cool places in order to run races.

It could be across the country and it could be halfway around the world, but in any event, most of us would love to chance to run a destination race at some point in the future.

One of the big hangups in doing so, however, is the cost of travel.

Airfare and hotels add up quickly, and for some of us that means that traveling to a destination race may not be in the cards.

Joining me on today’s quick tip episodes are two folks that know a thing or two about traveling to races, and doing so in ways that don’t break the bank.

Tom Leddy and Carol Valls are the co-writers of the book The Ultimate Travel Guide for Runners.

If you have a destination race on your horizon, you definitely want to check out their book in order to save some money and improve your traveling/racing experience. Read more