Rebekah McNeil Krahe Spoke Openly About Infertility Struggles

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My show is slightly different today because I’m airing a recent segment from the Time for bRUNch with Shelby & Christine podcast.

The guest on their show is someone that I know pretty well.

They welcomed my wife, Rebekah McNeil Krahe on the show to discuss her running and our fertility journey for a special Mother’s Day Episode.

Rebekah McNeil Krahe and Her Family

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Susie Lemmer Selfie

Susie Lemmer On Dealing with Life’s Curveballs and the Lessons She has Learned

Today I’m catching up with a fellow running coach, prolific blogger, soon to be mommy, and friend Susie Lemmer.

Susie Lemmer Selfie

Susie Lemmer

She is sharing her infertility struggles she has encountered, past and present injuries, dealing with a chronic disease and how it all relates to running.

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