Neil Adams

Neil Adams has Seen Running Evolve in the Various Stages of His Life

I originally connect with Neil Adams in an entrepreneurial Facebook group that I’m a part of where, to put it mildly, I don’t see many runners.

Neil Adams

Neil Adams of IKAN Fitness

After a quick back and forth, I invited him on the show without hesitation. Read more

Allan Misner at his First OCR

Allan Misner Has Seen His Running Come Nearly Full Circle in the Past 20 Years

Today I’m going over the barriers and through the mud with Allan Misner.

Allan has had quite the evolution in his running over the years.

From marathoner and ultra marathoner before it was “cool” to relative non-runner, Allan has found his way back to the sport as a way to connect and be social with his friends and family.

Allan Misner Post Tough Mudder

Allan Misner Post Tough Mudder

While his marathon and ultra days may be behind him, he definitely enjoys the OCR scene and will be making his Spartan debut in June. Read more

Celeste Goodson

Celeste Goodson Created a Core Strengthening Program for Postpartum Runners

Today I’m going a few easy miles with Celeste Goodson, the founder of ReCORE Fitness.

Celeste Goodson

An Acquired Taste for the Marathon

When Celeste got into running, she was a big fan of shorter events like the 5k and the 10k.

And coming from someone that ran track, that kind of makes sense.

But of late, Celeste has starting to dig into the marathon a bit more and will be running Boston for the first time later this spring. Read more

Tracy Green Sub 3

Tracy Green is One of “Those Runners” When It Comes to Qualifying for Boston

Today I’m going a few easy miles with Tracy Green.

Tracy Green Sub 3

Tracy Green at the Finish Line

Tracy broke three hours in her most recent marathon, so hopefully she’ll run slow enough for me to keep up! Read more

Angela Modzelewski

Angela Modzelewski Enjoys Time on the Trails, Whether She’s Running or Spectating

Today I’m going a few easy miles on the trail with Angela Modzelewski, who is still relatively new to the running scene.

Angela Modzelewski

Angela Modzelewski and Her Pup

Angela loves getting outside and hitting the trails, and she doesn’t much care for racing herself.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Read more