Running With the Bears is a Big Deal!

Running With the Bears Race Recap and Keynote Speech

This past weekend was a big weekend for me: I got to see a part of the country I’ve never been to before, I gave my “The Reasons We Run” keynote for the first time, and I ran my first marathon in over two years (and crossed another state off of my list).

If you’d like to hear the audio of the speech, just click play above.

Running With the Bears 2016

I honestly can’t say enough good things about the weekend and the race. Seriously, if you’re looking for a mid-summer race (10k, half, full) in a beautiful part of the world that raises money for a great cause, look no further than Running with the Bears.

The race takes place in beautiful Greenville, California, which is nestled in the Indian River Valley of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

For real though y’all, this place is gorgeous!

Simply Stunning

Simply Stunning

There are mountains everywhere you look, the pine trees are gigantic, and the weather is pretty darn great for running a race in August. Well, it usually is. More on that shortly.

The race is hosted by Mountain Circle Family Services, which is a non-profit organization working with kids in the foster care system.

This race is one of Mountain Circle’s biggest fundraisers of the year, and all of the money raised in the event (over $45k this year!) goes directly to helping the kids that they work with in the foster care system. Read more