Diz Runs With… Laura Skladzinski

On today’s run, I get to run with a world record holder, a 50 State Club member, and a Century Club member, which is quite a trifecta for a runner.

Laura after the Niagara Marathon

Laura after the Niagara Marathon

Laura Skladzinski set the world recored in 2010 as the youngest woman to finish a marathon in each of the 50 states, becoming a 50 stater in the process, and has continued running since then recently earning entry into the marathon runner Century Club.

When I first discovered Laura and learned of her accomplishments, I assumed that she had probably been a life long runner, but I was quite surprised the find out that wasn’t the case.

Here are a few highlights of the conversation we had on our run:

  • Laura started her running “career” with a simple goal–run 1 mile without walking.
  • Why she chose the Vermont City Marathon as her 1st marathon.
  • Going out the night before a race with no decrease in performance.
  • Over the course of 105 marathons, some end up better than others.

Make sure you follow along with Laura as she continues running marathons across the country and around the world.

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