Nora Bird Wasatch

Nora Bird Continues to Fly High on the Road and the Trail

Today I’m (finally!) catching back up with Nora Bird to find out what is new in her world!

Nora Bird Vermont Buckle

Nora Bird Showing Off Her Buckle After the Vermont 100

Nora was first on the show back in episode 206. If you missed our first chat, head on over and check it out!

When we last chatted, Nora described her unlikely introduction to the sport and how she couldn’t help but dive right in.

We talked about the emotions surrounding her running in the 2013 Boston Marathon, and her entering the Leadville lottery on a whim and winning!

Since our last chat, a lot has changed for this 100-mile fanatic! Read more

Gary Stotler

Gary Stotler is Checking Back In and Still Running Epic

Hey guys today I’m running a few easy miles with a familiar voice here on Diz Runs

Gary Stotler

Gary Stotler, Loving the Mountains

If you look back to episode 215 at about a year and a half ago, we met Gary Stotler!

Just to bring you back to pace Gary was previously over 400 pounds and looking for a way to lose weight and improve his health, he began walking and eventually got into running.

Fast forward to today and Gary has completed numerous races up to, and including, several ultra distance events! Read more

Novelist Brian Burk is Tackling Every Race On His Horizon

Today I’m running with someone that I have been looking to bring onto the show for a while now.

Brian Burk Running

Brian Burk

Brian Burk is a runner with an impressive running resume of over 100 races, including 16 marathons andultra-lengthength races.
In 2016, he published his first novel centered around one of the most iconic 100 milers in the country, the Leadville 100!

Read more

Courtney Schwartz

Courtney Schwartz Talks About a Summer of Running in Leadville

On today’s episode of the podcast, I’m joining Courtney Schwartz for a few easy miles.

Courtney Schwartz

Courtney Schwartz

Courtney was just getting into running before moving to Colorado a handful of years ago, and after a rough first trail run decided to stick to running on the roads for a while.

But for a runner living in Colorado, you can only ignore the lure of the mountains and the trails for so long. After giving trail running another shot, Courtney now feels at home on the trails.

In addition to talking about running trails and being a part of the trail running community, we also talked about some of the highs and lows of her 2015 summer. Here are some of the highlights from our chat. Read more