That's Crazy

Episode 400: A Few Things I’ve Learned in the First 399 Episodes


Episode 400…

That's Crazy

I don’t remember what my thoughts were when I started this process back in July of 2014, but it’s safe to say that Episode 400 wasn’t an expectation or a goal.

Shoot, 10 episodes seemed like a monumental accomplishment back then! So 400?

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When a Run Is Not About the Run

Last week’s long run was a disaster.


That’s 4:18:54 for 22 miles…

Since I was only 5 weeks out from the Blue Springs Marathon, I wanted to get in the longest run I’d be doing while preparing for my marathon. I decided to shoot for 22ish miles, depending on how I felt and how far my route (that I basically made up on the fly) ended up being. Because Lord knows if I made it back to the car at mile 21, there was no chance I’d end up making it to 21.1, let alone 22.

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