QT: Lessons Learned from Running One Marathon Per Month in 2019

In 2019, I set the goal of running one marathon (minimum!) per month.

That is a valid question.

And one that I’ll get to shortly.

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Marathon Monday, Boston Marathon, Meme, 2019 Boston Marathon Meme

QT: 2019 Boston Marathon Takeaways/Lessons Learned

How did you spend Marathon Monday 2019?

Marathon Monday, Boston Marathon, Meme, 2019 Boston Marathon Meme

If you’re at all like me, you made sure that you were streaming the race on Monday while you were “working”.

Watching the elites do their thing is always a mixed bag for me.

On one hand, it’s obviously awesome just watching what they are capable of doing over 26.2 miles.

On another hand, it’s a little disheartening how easy they make it look to run at ~5-minute pace mile after mile.

But perhaps the best thing about watching the Boston Marathon is being able to (hopefully!) learn a few things from the elites that will help me improve my own running. Read more

QT: 7 Running Lessons Learned from Riding Out Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma was something.

According to the news, it was a “nuclear” hurricane. Yeah, that might have been overselling things just a bit.

But there is no denying the fact that it was a big hurricane that had the potential to really do some serious damage.

After the storm had passed, I started thinking back on the experience and realized that there were more than a few things I could learn from the storm that applied as much to my running as they do to anything else.

While I wouldn’t want any of you to have to ride out a hurricane if you can avoid it, perhaps you can learn a few things from my experience that will help you on the roads and trails this fall and into the future. Read more

That's Crazy

Episode 400: A Few Things I’ve Learned in the First 399 Episodes


Episode 400…

That's Crazy

I don’t remember what my thoughts were when I started this process back in July of 2014, but it’s safe to say that Episode 400 wasn’t an expectation or a goal.

Shoot, 10 episodes seemed like a monumental accomplishment back then! So 400?

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Lessons from the Olympic Trials

Quick Tip: Learn from the Pros aka Takeaways from the Olympic Trials

Yeah, I know the Olympic Trials were over a month ago.

I know this post is now quite a bit less timely than it would have been had I posted it the week after the trials, like every other running coach/blogger did.

But I thought it would be good to be able to let some time pass and then reflect on the trials and what we as “not elite marathoners” can takeaway from watching the best runners in the USA duke it out on national television.

Lessons from the Olympic Trials

Lessons from the Olympic Trials

(Wouldn’t it be cute if the reason I’m doing this post now is that I had the foresight to leave time for reflection after the Olympic Trials instead of just now “getting to it”?)

At least I’m probably the only blogger/podcaster/coach still talking about the race from a month ago, so there’s that… Read more